LWV-CVA’s Fiscal Year began July 1st ,2024 and ends June 30th ,2025

Your dues are the same as last year, $65 per person,/$90 for a household.

Life Membership and student membership are free.

When you join the LWV-CVA you are automatically members of our VA state League and our US League. As a grass-roots organization LWV-CVA is your primary League.

Your dues keep us going. We are all volunteers , so your dues help us achieve our goal to Get Out The Vote! Your dues help our action committees research , gain knowledge, spread the word about our positions and press federal state and local legislators to make change to make us a stronger democracy. They also keep our eVoter and lwv-cva.org website up and operating.

You can pay your dues through our websiteClick Here! , PayPal and most credit cards are accepted.Or you can pay by check payable to LWV-CVA, P.O. Box 2786, Charlottesville, VA 22902.

Our Membership handbook goes to press in mid August. The cut off date for your name to be included in the Membership Directory is August 15th. Most members submit their dues in July or early August. 

Don’t be left out. Get your dues in now!

If you have moved, or your contact information needs updating contact Carolyn Fitzpatrick at cupojo_carolyn@icloud.com

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