The League of Women Voters of Virginia held its “Women’s Legislative Roundtable Pre-Session” on  December 6, 2017.  This annual kick-off to the Legislative Session provides an opportunity for those with various interests to come together and talk about what they think will be important during the upcoming 2018 Legislative Session.  It is a great way to network and find new ways to share resources as well.  What happened at this year’s WLRT Pre-Session?  Carolyn Rude, LWV of Montgomery County VA, has provided notes on the days topics that can be accessed by clicking here on the LWV-VA website:  Scroll down to “News” for the link to Carolyn’s notes.  Kate Bird, LWV CVA, has also provided an excellent chart summarizing the presentations with links to the various organizations (there were 19 represented) to review the potential challenges and opportunities in legislation this session.  Use this link: LWV Presession Roundtable notes 2018-1 to access email lists as well as follow these organizations on social media.  This will enable you to get “Alerts” when people are needed to take actions and make phone calls “in support of” or “against” specific legislation going up for vote.

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