School choice, vouchers, tuition tax credits, EISTC’s! How well does the voting public understand what these terms mean? How do they affect the education of our young people?

The LWV CVA Sunday Seminar held on April 15 featured a panel of local school board members from Charlottesville and Albemarle County. Steve Koleszar (Albemarle County School Board) and Leah Puryear (Charlottesville City School Board) discussed the impact that these school choice options have on public education and suggest how money should be spent to solve problems such as the achievement gap.

Carol Noggle, the chair of the LWV-VA Task Force on School Choice, moderated our panel after explaining the various school choice options and how they are funded. She also updated us on the legislation proposed and voted on in the latest General Assembly.

For an excellent summary of the presentations, click on our Twitter icon at the bottom of our website. Megan Tracy, LWV CVA Director of Social Media, presents a running account of the event.

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