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Voter Registration Training

Aug 1, 2022

Dear LWV CVA Members: Registration of voters is what the League does best! However, to participate in a registration drive or event with the LWV, you need to have taken the state’s training, which is only 1/2 hour online. Below is the information on the training, including a QR code. Please sign up for the training so that you will be ready for the fall registration activities. We need your help!  Let Susan Roberts (email: susanrofva@aol.com) know when you have completed the training, so we have a list of trained volunteers ready to go

Registration Drive Training

Voter Registration Drives

Individuals or organizations requesting 25 or more Voter Registration Applications from the Virginia Department of Elections (ELECT) or local voter registration offices must register and complete ELECT certified training. Certification expires each year on June 30 and can be renewed by completing training annually. Here’s how:

Get Certified:

1. Complete training:

* Online: Voter Registration Training Video (Revised 7/1/22) – Recommended option.

* For instructor led, classroom training at local voter registration offices: Contact your local voter registration office.

* For instructor led, classroom training* offered by ELECT: Email Viki Mainwaring or call 804-593-2274  (* For groups of 25 or more attendees)

2.  Submit your Voter Registration Application Request and Affidavit (after training) Please note that Certification expires on June 30.

3.  See your name on the List of Certified Individuals and Organizations (updated 07/26/22)  – To find a name: Use “CRTL F” or “Command ⌘ F” (Please allow 24 hours for names to post after submitting)



LWV CVA Leaguers Lisa Hilgartner, Pat Cochran, and Susan D. Roberts man the voter registration table at Founder’s Day at Monticello, April, 2022.







Calendar for August/September

LWV CVA Board of Directors ZOOM Mtg
Date/Time - Wed. Aug 17 - 1 to 3 pm
Place: Zoom mtg. Please contact Meg Heubeck for more info. email: mfheubeck@virginia.edu
International Day of Democracy
Date/Time - Thurs Sept 15
National Voter Registration Day - Tues Sept 20
LWV CVA International Relations/Federal Govt Committee Mtg
Date/Time - Next meeting Wed. Sept 21
Place: TBA. Please contact Rice Wagner if you would like to host, 386-527-5392, or email: ricew123@aol.com
LWV CVA Board of Directors Mtg
Date/Time - Wed. Sept 21 - 1 to 3 pm
Place: TBA. Please contact Meg Heubeck for more info. email: mfheubeck@virginia.edu

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