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LWV-VA “Affordable Housing Study” – Sunday Seminar held October 18!

Oct 19, 2020

LWV CVA Sunday Seminar:  “LWV-VA Affordable Housing Study” – Held October 18.  Review and Consensus Meeting with Guest Speaker:  Alice Tousignant, LWV-VA Study Leader.

This virtual event was held on Sunday, October 18. Click here for the YouTube video:  https://youtu.be/h5FhhYPiNfk

Reason for Study of Affordable Housing: The LWV-VA Affordable Housing Study (AHSC+Report+-+June+2020) was initiated by the LWV-Richmond Metropolitan Area, in response to revelations in Mathew Desmond’s Pulitzer prize-winning book, “Evicted,” that the City of Richmond had the second highest eviction rate in the nation and nine other Virginia large and small cities were among the top 10 highest. A new, statewide study of affordable housing was approved at the LWV-VA Convention in June 2019. Safe, affordable housing is a health issue, economic issue, and environmental issue, as well as a moral and equity issue.

The focus of this State-wide study of affordable housing is very low and extremely low-income households who are primarily renters. In addition to characterizing the state of affordable housing in Virginia, the study:

  • Outlines resource options available at the state and local levels to increase the supply of affordable housing and preserve the existing affordable housing stock;
  • Identifies the most important barriers that stand in the way of development of this type of housing; and
  • Brings to light laws and regulations that make it difficult for very low and extremely low-income households to find and maintain their housing.

At the Sunday Seminar held on October 18, 2 – 3 pm, LWV-VA Study Leader Alice Tousignant presented the review and discussion of this important study and Consensus Questions.  The complete study, “LWV-VA Affordable Housing Study Report – June 2020,” can be found here.


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LWV CVA Sunday Seminar: "LWV-VA Affordable Housing Study" - Consensus Meeting
Sun Oct 18, 2-3 pm
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